Everyone laugh at Scott Steinberg

Not this guy, this guy.

Scott Steinberg

June 2007 - "I am a little concerned about the creative depth of the Wii pool."

"The Wii will start to look really dated in a couple years when developers get more value from the 360 and learn more and more about the PlayStation 3."

Look how that turned out.

Scott A. Steinberg is Sony Computer Entertainment America's Vice President of Product Marketing.
Prior to joining Sega, Steinberg worked at Roxio, Liquid Audio, Eidos Interactive, and Crystal Dynamics. Steinberg led Roxio's marketing and e-commerce efforts and orchestrated the marketing re-launch of the company's digital music subsidiary, Napster, as a legal digital music service in 2003.

Aren't half of those out of business now? Good luck Sony.


Anonymous , 12 February, 2010

The Wii has made tons more cash than the 360. What a douche.

Anonymous , 12 February, 2010

I knew the Wii will do well but I am bored of it now. I need to sell it for a PS3.

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