Cranky Opinions: Aliens vs Predator Demo

Cranky Opinions: Aliens vs Predator Demo

I've scoured the internet to find the most accurate opinions in the Aliens vs Predator PC demo.

-Horrible textures
-It feels like they reveresed antialiasing and made it more blocky than normally possible
-excessive motion blur
-terrible animations, terrible transitions when the aliens is moving along the walls, its really jumpy
-death match in a faction based game? terrible idea (the predator just owns everyone as you would expect)
-it feels like an old game with the J doom treatment to update the graphics
-its not satisfying to shoot
-boring level design
-doesnt seem to be any strategy or depth the gameplay
FOV is messed up as it is with so many games today. The FOV in old games for 4:3 was great, but then when widescreen came out the devs never bothered doing any work on it and just cropped to fit it...
Concerning the game mechanics, it feels like a completely missed opportunity.

Aiming is especially sad in that there is virtually none of it. Almost everything is auto-aimed, and it seems to engage randomly. If you are the alien meleeing somebody sometimes it engages and you spin around following the person while you button mash. Same with the others. There is almost no need to aim save for setting your direction.
Conclusion: Overhyped Consolegame - like Battlefield BC2. Most idiots will buy it.
Was not impressed by the demo. I had high hopes for this game (hence I have a pre order). I am tempted to switch pre orders, but am still holding onto a glimmer of hope.
Unless the full version has some higher quality maps, and makes the game play a little easier to follow I don’t think this will be worth the $50 they’re asking for it.
The combat is weak, and feels poorly designed. When in melee as predator or alien, it feels unnatural and as a player you feel removed, the block ability feels more fitting with a street fighter game. as a marine tracking the enemy seems overly difficult. As predator targeting with weapon systems is slow and difficult. Targeting with the laser is especially difficult and completely unlike that of the movies and comic books where it was integrated into your mask. the aliens tail is a one click affair and doesnt include the previous windupability to make a more damaging strike. A critical hit with double jaws requires a grab, a stupid finishing move that leaves you vulnerable to other enemies.


VX , 12 February, 2010

Graphics - fine.
Gameplay - not so fine.

Anonymous , 24 February, 2010

It got terrible reviews.

Anonymous , 07 March, 2010

won't be buying.

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