Everything Wrong With... Pro Evolution Soccer 2009

Everything Wrong With... will give you a list of everything wrong with a particular game. If the developers fix these problems, then they might have a decent game.

Misc Issues

Most of the gameplay changes could've been patched. Why did we need to buy a whole new game?

Konami randomly decided to re-do the entire movement mechanics making them worse for no real reason. They do this every year.

Nerfed the move where you press diagonally then forward to touch the ball past a player. Also made right stick manual pass which is annoying.

Sprinting - Annoying mechanics. You're expecting to sprint at a slight angle to beat a man, but you're player will cut at 45 degrees.

Sprinting - knock-ahead too large.

Sprinting - you can barely outsprint even slow players. C. Ronaldo being almost matched by a 73 year-old Tugay wasn't fun. Even cheat players with 99 for everything will not be able to outrun anyone unless you use the large knock-ahead, and even then you won't make much distance.

Animations and player models are still average.

Rubbish AI. Most noticeable in Be A Legend mode. Teammates won't cross/shoot/pass when they have a perfect opportunity.

Still has the stupid "2nd FK Taker" option that just gets in the way when you want the 2nd FK taker to be the 1st. Remove this feature for crying out loud.

Stupid knock-ahead after doing the step-over trick. If I wanted that to happen then I could just press sprint afterwards.

Your players fail to intercept ball even when it's 1mm away from their body. They have no awareness of where they are in relation to the ball.

Rebounded balls generally always fall to the opposition.

Stupid pass where the players pass it 1ft infront of themselves.

Shooting - Still has weak shots where the player refuses to put his laces through the ball with power. Always when you're angled towards the corner flag or North/South. It's not difficult to get power on shots from these angles. This is a constant problem that never gets fixed.

Teammates often pass/tackle/shoot automatically.

Sound of ball sucks.

No GK Cursor. It was available in 2008 and let you take control of your GK by pressing L1+Triangle. Has been removed for no good reason. Don't even try to pull your keeper out when an opponent is out wide.

Player's randomly don't pass straight - simple passes an U12 player could nail every time.

Rains too often when you have a certain stadium in ML mode - haven't investigated this much, but it definately rains far too much.

Be A Legend Mode

Stupid placement on corners. I want to be in the box so I don't have to rely on the dumb AI failing to header it clear.

Stat system innacurate. You'll get a worse rating than someone who's made less complete passes and shots on target, etc.

Can't skip international matches, even when banned.

Teammates stop running for ball sometimes when you press R1/R2. Stupid key mapping considering R2 is call for the ball.

Too many teams play 38 year olds.


AI cheat with slide tackle timing. Sometimes the EXACT moment your fake-shot animation begins to play, they activate their slide tackle. Slowed down replays show that it begins at the exactly the same time. This is humanly impossible reaction time. Cheating.

When running near an opponent they rarely misjudge sliding tackles. Every tackle seems to bring you down and they get a yellow, or gets the ball.

Opponents happily tackle straight through the back of you, with their leg literally passing through your body to get the ball.

When winning a tackle you'll be lucky to actually gain possession from it half the time.

Long animation after doing the leg-in tackle and missing the ball.


Still save the ball BEHIND the line which loses you a goal.

Constantly palm easy saves right into the middle of your 6-yard box.

When saving penalties down the middle they often let the ball go through their legs.

All these issues are easily fixed. The only reason for them being there is incompetence on the part of Seabass and Co.