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Free indie games. Some are old, but tough shit. Enjoy.

Combat Arms - not really indie, but it's free. Don't download unless you're in the US/Canada - Europeans like me will get Error code = PI,30022.

Golf? - quality golf game where you whack golf balls and drive around in a golf cart. Very cool wireframe visual style.

Cave Story - the most epic 2D indie game ever created. Insanely well made with some cool weapons.

Battle for Wesnoth - turn-based strategy game with a fantasy theme.

The Endless Forest - a multiplayer online game. No violence. Gets boring after 5 minutes.

Diablo III - World of Warcraft 1.5?

Update 20th Aug 09 - They've fixed the inventory (34 seconds into vid). I'm 100% sure it was because they saw my Neverwinter Nights inventory pictures below. Lets hope there's an auto-arrange button like there is in Silent Storm. Now if only they'd listen to me more often.

With the recent gameplay video and screenshots released of Diablo III, a lot of true gamers are pretty pissed with the art direction/graphics. Blizzard have taken World of Warcraft's textures and essentially added 1.5x more detail.

Before any cuntmonkeys start thinking I'm some fanboy, I'll say right now that I haven't completed Diablo 1 or 2.

I frequent forums that are filled with CoD4 playing assholes, and as a gamer with taste, I often argue that Diablo 3 is essentially World of Warcraft plus higher resolution textures with slightly more detail. I also mention the unrealistic coloured lighting with greens appearing from nowhere. Note the key points mentioned - texture detail and lighting colour.

Invariably, this is when I get some little shit telling me that I apparently want a pitch black game and that I'm emo. Remember the key points? Not one mention of brightness. Checking their profile, they're always 16 or under. I wish they'd fuck off and go cream their pants over their shitty little wannabe-sims like Forza and FIFA 08.

At some point they'll throw this screenshot at you:

Diablo II stonework

That screenshot is the last resort of someone who's seriously trying to defend an indefensible point. Unfortunately they fail, because you can't argue against fact - the fact that Diablo III looks like World of Warcraft 1.5.

Let me clear up the point about the textures. Diablo III's indoor areas look extremely flat. It's as if they got a painter to paint the stone textures, instead of just using real stone in the first place. This means there's no grainy, or realistic quality to the stonework. If you touched the surfaces with your hand they'd be totally smooth. Now compare that with these screenshots that actually have detail:

Diablo II stonework
Diablo II stonework

Your hands would get torn to shreds if you rubbed it down that stonework. After seeing those screens, this Diablo III screenshot looks fucking embarrassing:

Diablo III

I've made a few screenshots to emphasise the point:

Diablo II
Diablo II

Now take a quick look at this screenshot from IGN:

Diablo III IGN

Good god. I practically just raped you. That table/shelf thingy was from World of Warcraft:

If you say you noticed this, then you're lying.

It's about time I mentioned the new inventory. It's shit. Take a look at Neverwinter Nights 1's inventory vs NWN2's.

If you think NWN2's inventory looks better, then you're an idiot. It's no surprise that NWN2 was shit. NWN1 got all the little things right, and the little things do matter (in fact, they're more important than the story. More on that in a future post). Diablo III's already fucked up a few of the little things. Not a good sign.

Potions - dumbed down (on the Oblivion quick-jump scale) so dumbasses can play. There's nothing more to it. (EDIT - I've just been informed that dev's prefer to call this "accessible". Sorry about that dev's. All is forgiven... NOT.)

To wrap this shebang up, take a gander at this video: (I just got shebang and gander - two words you've never said out loud - into the same sentence. I am God.)

If you still think Diablo III looks like part of the same franchise, then you're fucking deluded. This game should not be called Diablo.

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Exclusive: Bewildered Wars Online RPG

Here's an exclusive word for word snippet from the story Bewildered Wars!

The War In Which No One Truly Knows The Cause

(Featuring Brad Pitt and Megan Fox)

Bewildered Wars revolves around a King and A Queen. Undeniably a perfected couple, yet one day..all things changed. Screams were heard from the castle's outskirts by innocent bystanders. Rather devious and sly attitude being displayed by both forms of loyalty.

Abruptly, The Queen Shifted Away From The Land Of And her 'Beloved' Husband, King Faleu. Sieged war..but why? Warships Cast upon the rolling seas, only to set flames upon their once treasured land. The Queen Ereopha utterly intent on getting into the depths of the land once more..but..once again..why?..No one knows..Nor will they ever seem to..

Even down to supernatural beings..forced to choose a side. Those who found it pity to join in such a war with either side created their own alliances. Protecting..destroying..plaguing the streets with eerie displeasure. The human armies growing vast in mere months.

The Government never seizing to get any personal information as to why this war is taking place. No one is safe..the reason why you ask; War. Why we lay our putrid blood along the stained walls of secession..Bewilderment is the only answer. Bewildered Wars.


We are at war..Why you ask?..We don't Know

Here's Johnny!

I'm deciding to resurrect this blog. It has a nice Google PR of 2 and I'll try to up that.

Plus, this Diablo III cartoon shit is giving me a headache. I need to explain to certain arse bandits that Diablo shouldn't look like World of Warcraft 2. Expect me to hand their asses to him with some paragraphs choc full of ownage.