Cranky Alternatives: Forza

Welcome to the first edition of Cranky Alternatives. I'll list the best - and usually better - alternatives to games currently on the market. The whole thing was inspired by this hilarious comment by some reviewer on 1up:

"Forza 2 is the best sim racer out there right now, no question, and it continues to lead the way online."

How he wrote that one with a straight face I'll never know, but lets forget about that and get on with the show. (That rhymes.)

Colin McRae: DiRT and Forza Motorsport 2 have recently been released, but you all want a better alternative, because lets be honest, those two games are commercial whores.

Live For Speed

Introducing Live For Speed. There may not be any licensed cars, apart from the BMW Sauber, but the racing simulation that it serves up is second to none.

People have been creaming their pants over Forza's car customisation features, but Live For Speed is unrivaled in this area. You can edit anything from fuel levels to the Bump Dampening and Brake Balance of your car. LFS also offers a huge range of skinning options for anyone with Photoshop skills.

You don't need any more reasons to buy LFS, but if you do, then I'll just mention the online mode that now supports up to 32 players. There's also a free online-enabled demo.


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