Cranky Indie

Free indie games. Some are old, but tough shit. Enjoy.

Combat Arms - not really indie, but it's free. Don't download unless you're in the US/Canada - Europeans like me will get Error code = PI,30022.

Golf? - quality golf game where you whack golf balls and drive around in a golf cart. Very cool wireframe visual style.

Cave Story - the most epic 2D indie game ever created. Insanely well made with some cool weapons.

Battle for Wesnoth - turn-based strategy game with a fantasy theme.

The Endless Forest - a multiplayer online game. No violence. Gets boring after 5 minutes.


Anonymous , 19 July, 2008

Hadn't seen Combat Arms or Golf before... played the rest though. TY.

Anonymous , 21 July, 2008

Golf is awesome....

Anonymous , 30 July, 2008

driving the cart in golf is fun as hell :D

asdf , 30 September, 2009

CaveStory and Wesnoth are probably the most inspiring indie games I know, it's amazing what these guys have achieved (especially Pixel who made CaveStory all by himself). I'll have to check out Golf, though.

Another good one is Untitled Story. It had me hooked for quite a while. It's an adventure platformer with character upgrades like Metroid.

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