Cranky Indie

Welcome to the first edition of Cranky Indie. I'll round up a few interesting indie/free games that are fun to play.

Toribash - A fighting game where you manipulate your character's joints. Watch the included replays for some hilarious kills.

Sumotori - A strange sumo wrestling game where bouts only last a few seconds. Only a 96k download too. It's pretty much luck if you win a fight.

Flow - This one's an old favourite of mine. You sculpt the terrain to push sprites to the finish. Use the number keys to choose your tool.

Free Rider - Basically like Line Rider but more fun. You actually get to drive the bike anywhere you want.


Roman R , 17 June, 2007

These are awesome.

xRATEDx , 18 June, 2007

WTF is that sumotori game about? Ahahaha.

Anonymous , 19 June, 2007

Toribash is the best. Ive played it before.

Anonymous , 19 June, 2007

free rider is cool there is a level editor on the forums too.

Anonymous , 22 June, 2007

sumotori sucks you cant do anything.

WHATwhatWHAT , 25 June, 2007

Nice one I've never seen these before.

Anonymous , 27 July, 2007


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